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Our comprehensive billing solutions ensure that we provide the best cardiology billing service.

Only Cardiology Billing

We only specialize in Cardiac Billing.  You can rest assured you will be receiving the highest level of service.

Low Management Fee

Guaranteed to save you money from your current billing service.  Our rates assures your overhead stays low and your reimbursement rate is higher.

Nationwide Service

We offer assistance to anyone all over the country, including Alasksa and Hawaii.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service specialists ensure you receive knowledgeable expertise and no foreign outsourcing.

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Recovering Denied Claims

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Experience the Difference

Why hassle with medical billing, when you can focus on patient care. You’re an expert in Cardiology and we are an expert in Cardiology Billing.  Our services provide you with the structure to get reimbursed quickly.

Faster Payments

With our streamlined billing services, expert coding, and billing technicians and state of the art billing technology, we get you your payments quick and hassle-free.

Trained, Certified and Highly-Experienced Coders

We understand the frustration that comes from working with inexperienced coders and billers. That is why all our staff is certified and trained to the highest standards.

Reduced Administrative Work

Our experienced staff takes on your administrative and medical billing work, sending claims, posting payments, and appealing denials.