Who We Are

Cardiology Billing is built upon quality customer service, best practices, and high standards of excellence and expertise. We have the best staff in the industry who can’t wait to start getting you on your way to lower overhead, faster payments, increased cash flow, higher revenues, improved patient satisfaction, and ultimately more time to focus on patient care. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We Stop the Bleeding

Are you losing money appealing denied or delayed claims? Is your staff already overloaded with work? We’ve got you covered.

Experience Pays

Having our highly-trained expertise team on your side prevents denied miscoded claims from over and under coding.

Around-the-Clock Care

No matter the time or day, we are there to answer questions and provide you the highest quality customer service.

Peace of Mind

We take the hassle out of your day and provide you with peace of mind that all your claims will be filed, efficiently and effectively.