Providing the Best Cardiology Billing Services to Your Practice

Our company is dedicated to one thing and that is getting you the largest return with the fastest turnaround time. We specialize in providing you with the highest level of service from our expert billing and coding staff.


We offer a team of highly trained and certified staff that will help you eliminate kicked back claims, coding errors, and relieve you of the burden of having to stay up to date on all rules and regulations.


Using our streamlined billing, highly-experienced coders and state of the art technology, reduces your payment turnaround time, and overhead while increasing reimbursements and physician revenue.


Our state of the art systems are leaders in industry technology, innovating the standard billing system. It’s because of this that we can provide seamless integration with your existing platform software.


Say goodbye to vague and complicated reports. We provide easy to read statements, reporting, and analytics to ensure the accuracy and success of our collection process and progression.


We Are Committed to Your Success

At Cardiology Billing, our goal is to support you with all our skills and expertise to maximize and streamline your revenue. Using our services will reduce your practice’s overhead costs and payment turn-around time, while simultaneously increasing your cash flow, revenue, and patient satisfaction. With certified and highly experienced staff handling your cardiology billing and coding needs, you will benefit from fewer errors, reducing kick backed claims, and leading to maximized revenue and greater peace of mind.

  • Reduce Your Practice’s Overhead Costs and Payment Turn-Around Time
  • Increase Your Cash Flow, Revenue, and Patient Satisfaction
  • Fewer Errors, Reducing Kick Backed Claims
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Peace of mind

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